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All of our events are sanctioned by USYSA and their respective state level affiliates.  All of our events utilize the GotSport registration and document uploading system.  Each event will communicate with participating teams prior to kick off with specific instructions regarding document submission.  All documents are required to be submitted by the document submission deadline for each respective event, usually one week prior to kick off.

Required Documents:

Official State Roster with the Sanctioning Body Seal/Stamp
This document can be found in your team's GotSport account or you can contact your state association/club administrator/governing body to receive a copy.
If utilizing any guest players, please write them in at the bottom of your state roster be
fore uploading.

Guest Player Forms (if applicable)
If using players who are not on your official state roster, even if they come from within your club, a guest player form is required.  You can use your state/governing body's Guest Player Form.

Travel Permit (if crossing state lines to attend our event)
All USYSA sanctioned events and teams require a Travel Permit in order to participate. Some governing bodies such as US CLUB do not require a team to receive a travel permit.  Most states utilize the 'request travel permit' feature on the Tournament Center website or you can contact your state association/club administrator for more assistance. 

Medical Release and Liability Waiver
Some events will require each player to have a Medical Release and/or Liability Waiver on file prior to being allowed to participate.  Specifics regarding these documents will be communicated by the tournament director prior to your team's participation in an event.

Player and Bench Personnel ID Cards
All participating players and coaching staff are required to have a current, in good standing, ID Card provided by their state association or governing body on hand for check in with the referee before each match.  We do not require teams to upload their ID Cards to Gotsport.  They just need to be presented to the referee before each match.  Digital ID Cards are allowed, but still must be presented to the referee before kickoff.

Submission Instructions:

Coaches or Managers will log into their team's Gotsport account, select the tournament they are signed up for in their teams schedule of upcoming events, and then click on the Registration tab.  From here the team representative will locate the application questions regarding document upload and proceed with the submission of their documents.  Be sure to click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.  Player/Coach ID Cards do not need to be uploaded into Gotsport.

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